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Web Site Re-Design

There are several reasons why Web Site Re-design plays a huge role in the marketing aspect of your business.

Here are some reasons for Re-design:

• When your site contain outdated content.
• When you can't get hold of your webmaster.
• Your web site is not user friendly.
• If you are uncertain that your site meets accessibility
(Meta-tags keywords for the correct search codes).

What Google has to say !

• Give visitors the information they're looking for
• Make sure that other sites link to yours
• Make your site easily accessible
• Don't fill your page with lists of keywords
• Don't use images to display important names,
   content, or links.

A good time for a re-design is also a good time to OPTIMISE YOUR WEB SITE TO BE GOOGLE FRIENDLY

The first thing you need to think about when it comes to SEO is literally the basics of your web site.

It's very important that your web site is designed and developed to be SEO friendly.
If it is, it'll be a lot easier to optimise your site for Google, SEO marketing will be easier to carry out, and your site will have a better chance of being ranked highly by search engines.

1. The structure of your site is an important factor in SEO.
2. The structure of your internal links.
3. Finally, ensure you use optimised meta data
   for your site.

All re-design costs are the same as new design costs.

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