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1. Hosting

Why must you pay hosting fees?

Let me explain how hosting companies operate:

They use big computers (servers) to store all information.
When you register a web site or a domain-name, that name must be available 24/7.

In short - if someone type your web site name on a computer anywhere in the world, your web site must be available.

Your web site with all it's content, emails and images, use some space on the server, and that's why u need to pay for hosting.

The image below show where the hosting (server) fits into the world wide web.

2. Email Accounts

Remember, for a professional look, it is always a good idea to have an email account that represents your business.

Our email options are part of our hosting packages.

Hosting costs: - (Monthly payment)

You have two options when you register a domain-name and want to host with us:

1. Parking -

We will register your website-name and "park" it for you for R30,00 p/month.
This option is suitable if you only want to reserve your domain name for later use.

2. Web site hosting -

When we activate your web site or when you want to use your email account,
the full hosting cost is payable.

Hosting Packages - 2014 (Excl. VAT)

Hosting cost always stays the same. Only if your website and emails use more bandwidth and disk space for that package, then you have to upgrade to the next level.

Package 1 - Parking - R30 p/m

• Disc Space - 2mb
• Bandwidth - 50mb
• Email Accounts - 0
• Webmail Access - No
• FTP Access - No

Package 2 - Beginner - R75 p/m

• Disc Space - 20mb
• Bandwidth - 500mb
• Email Accounts - 1
• Webmail Access - Yes
• FTP Access - Yes

Package 3 - Standard - R100 p/m

• Disc Space - 50mb
• Bandwidth - 1 000mb
• Email Accounts - 5
• Webmail Access - Yes
• FTP Access - Yes

Package 4 - Power - R150 p/m

• Disc Space - 100mb
• Bandwidth - 1 500mb
• Email Accounts - 10
• Webmail Access - Yes
• FTP Access - Yes

Package 5 - Professional - R200 p/m

• Disc Space - 250mb
• Bandwidth - 2 000mb
• Email Accounts - 20
• Webmail Access - Yes
• FTP Access - Yes

Package 6 - Ultimate - R300 p/m

• Disc Space - 500mb
• Bandwidth - 3 000mb
• Email Accounts - 30
• Webmail Access - Yes
• FTP Access - Yes


If you not sure how many bandwidth and disk space you going to use, don't panic, we at WebArt Design will monitor it and let you know in advance.