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Free Fax to Email and Email to Fax

Free Fax To Email

THIS IS A FREE - NO OBLIGATION OFFER. Receiving faxes is at NO cost, NO subscription fees, NO fuss. Receive your faxes anywhere you can access your email. Sign-up now and receive your own “086” fax number instantly - ready to receive faxes.


This is a 3rd party product.

If you don't use your number for three months (receiving or sending), that number will become available for someone else, and will no longer be associate with your email address. 


Just fill out this form, check your email and confirm by clicking the link in your email.

Ready to receive faxes.

Email To Fax (Paid)

Yes, you can sent faxes from your email to a fax number.

No special "software" to install

Step 1 - Once account is activated, create a new document in any application,
i.e. Microsoft Word or PDF etc..

Step 2 - Create a new email

Step 3 - Enter the recipient’s details with the:
+27 (country code)
11 (local area code)
9554643 (number)


Step 4 - Attach all the documents you want to fax
• You can attach multiple documents
• You can attach mixed documents
i.e. PPT, PPS, DOC etc.
• We will deliver the fax in either
PDF, TIFF, PS format

Step 5 - Send your fax

Prices - 2014

(Prices may change without notice)

Pre-paid costs to send faxes from your email account
Activation fee of R120,00 apply to all packages
Amount Admin Total
R10,00 p/m R10,00 p/m R20,00 p/m
R20,00 p/m R10,00 p/m R30,00 p/m
R50,00 p/m R10,00 p/m R60,00 p/m
R100,00 p/m R10,00 p/m R110,00 p/m
All prices are Excl.VAT

What does it cost to send an fax?

Price structure to send an fax from your email account
(Prices may change without notice)

Charges per minute Excluding Vat

• National POP’s Standard - R 0.6579
Cape Town
Port Elizabeth
East London

• National (outside pop’s) - R 0.8685

• FaxFX 08660/6 – 08660/6 - FREE **

• International - Telkom published rates + R 0.351 p/ min - Visit Telkom's website at:

• Mobile numbers - R 2.00/m

• Non FaxFX 0866 numbers - R 2.126/m